Monday, August 25, 2008

3 years

Happy Anniversary!

Oh wait... perhaps not so happy. As of today, we've been 3 years hoping and praying for a child to love. Yay us. And what's this I see on the horizon? AF... yep, Mother Nature, the bane of my existence seems to have decided to add insult to injury and show up today as an anniversary present. Wench.


Emily said...

I'm sorry Mums. There is nothing that will make this better except... you know.

Sorry about AF too.

Sweet Georgia said...

I think the marking of anniversaries is so hard in this struggle. And to have AF add to the day is just not fair. Thinking of you.

Michelle Hopp said...

*big hugs*

Anonymous said...

Don't lose hope...I am saying an extra prayer for you. We have severe MF inferility and I am now 16 weeks pregnant after FET #1. It CAN happen.