Thursday, October 16, 2008

How hard can it really be?

So I got mail today.

An invoice.  From the clinic.  Telling me that the payment for annual embryo storage is "DUE NOW" (yes, in block caps.  Bold, too).

To Recap:  In October last year we did a fresh cycle.  We ended up with 4 embryos.  We transferred 2 and froze 2 (had I known then what I discovered at transfer of those 2, we would have asked for them to go to blast before freezing and probably wouldn't have ended up freezing any, but that's beside the point).  We paid $800 for freezing and 1 year of storage.

2 months later, in December, following the first miscarriage, we transferred the 2 remaining kidsicles.  No more frozen.

In March, we did another fresh cycle.  Ended up with 9.  We transferred 2, froze 6, and waited for the 9th to hit blast, which it didn't.  Again, we paid $800 for freezing an 1 year of storage.

So, we currently have 6 kidsicles 'on ice', but only since March.

And now, 7 months later, and approaching the anniversary of our first loss, we're being told that if we don't pay $275 immediately we need to tell them how to dispose of them??  WTF?!

How hard is it, really, to get the fucking paperwork right?

Just got off the phone with the accounts folks at the clinic (for whom I had left a rather upset voicemail).  They will follow up with the lab, but verified with my file that we DID pay in March and that we DID NOT have any frozen left from last October.

But the question remains... the lab would have known when they thawed the 2 in December that there were none left in that 'jar', so why did they leave the account open??  This shouldn't be allowed to happen.  I didn't need a reminder right now of the loss we suffered a year ago.  I didn't need a demand for money we don't have.


Emily said...

rrrrrrggggg. That makes me so mad! I'm glad you got it sorted out, but am sorry this had to happen right now!


Pam said...

If you didn't talk to Liz, call her and if you did, call her back. Ask her about pro-rating your first payment from December because you didn't have anything to freeze two months after your fresh cycle. She says she does this and she did it for me. It won't be much, but it's better than nothing. And it can't hurt to ask.

Sweet Georgia said...

Argh! That's horrible. Sorry you had to go through that - but, I'm glad that you got it straightened out.

Spacey said...

Oh that makes me mad!
They could at least keep their paperwork in order!
Sorry that you had to deal with this, but glad to hear that it's sorted out now.