Sunday, November 30, 2008


Last weekend, a friend of mine from HighSchool days had a baby girl.  They struggled for a long time before their miracle pregnancy (apparently there's some truth to the whole "coming off the pill whiplash" thing).  We haven't talked much during her pregnancy, though.  I said when I saw her 12w u/s "She has your chin"!  Turns out I was right with the gender prediction (they didn't find out until delivery).  I'm very happy for her, but again, sad for me.

Last night, a good friend had her baby.  This was a true miracle baby... after 2 years of trying, on a cycle that was med-free and right before moving on to IVF.  She's had a rough go of it, and I'm not sure she ever really 100% believed it was real (although there's no denying it now!)... and I felt bad for that, because I think part of her disbelief may have had something to do with me.  I was pregnant 2 weeks before her.  She was officially due mid-December, and I was due Dec. 1 (yup, tomorrow's going to suck).  Obviously, mind didn't stick.  We didn't talk much about her pregnancy, but we talked.  I went to her baby shower a few weeks ago (heck, I organized and shopped for a group gift... her happiness and good fortune mostly eclipsed my own sadness).  She had some health concerns that meant that she was told she'd be induced at 38 weeks... and she absolutely stunned me by saying that she was going to do her best not to have it happen on December 1st.  I told her she was silly, that some things are more important... but I was incredibly touched that she even thought of it.  We had some pretty frank discussions... I even told her that I want to meet him ASAP and I'll try not to drown him, but I can't promise not to cry.  She's awesome.

So last night her little boy made his appearance, and I honestly can't wait to meet him.  I already love this little guy, and I've never met him.  He's not a relative.  I hope I don't freak her out *laugh*

But it's still bittersweet.  I hope it'll get more sweet and less bitter as time goes by.

Congratulations S & G!!!

Now... off to look up a recipe for something I can make and bring that can make for an easy meal for them while they focus on little D.


Emily said...
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Emily said...

Aw, Mums. I'm sorry it's bittersweet. ((hugs)) You will get yours. I know it. Your kidsicles are waiting for you.

(had to delete my last post as I put your name in there... woops).

Spacey said...

**big hugs**
You will have your baby in your arms one day soon. I just know it!

Sweet Georgia said...

Mums - My thoughts are all jumbled up today. Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you today.

Conflicted Brain said...

Thinking of you Mums...

I'm here for you.